Encourage Mint

Encourage Mint is a collection of short stories—bite-sized moments of encouragement to refresh your soul. These stories are heard by thousands of people every day on Family Radio stations across the country!

14 responses to “Encourage Mint

  1. I loved the story today Jim Smith introduced (November 2) about a pastor who wrote a book and asks himself 3 questions when he has negative thoughts or doubts in our minds like “is it true, is it kind etc. I tried to find it again on the podcasts but couldn’t. Will it be put on the podcast site soon? I would like to share it with family members. I put the FR app on my phone so I can listen where ever I go now. Thank you for all the uplifting songs and programs. They really help in my Christian walk.

  2. I’m looking for the story from a girl who started recognizing essential workers/unsung healers. Can you possibly find it?
    Thank you.

  3. I once heard a story on family radio about an African American pastor who forgiven the KKK that beaten him to near death. I would like to get a hold of that story.

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