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Mar 25, 2023

Distinguishing Marks of True Repentance

You feel sorry about what happened. Does that mean you’ve repented? Not necessarily. The Bible talks about godly sorrow, the kind of sorrow that leads to repentance. Pastor Colin talks about what godly sorrow is.
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Mar 24, 2023

God’s Persistence with Jonah

Try as he did, Jonah could not outrun the presence of God and the work to which the Lord called him. Derek Thomas observes the merciful persistence of God to sanctify the stubborn hearts of His servants.
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Mar 22, 2023

Jesus' Genealogy-The Women

When thinking about the Bible and women, many people instinctively turn to Proverbs chapter 31. Others might open their Bibles to the books of Esther or Ruth. Personally, when it’s time to celebrate godly women (which is every day!), I like to turn to Matthew chapter 1:1-18. 
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