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Jul 04, 2022

Freedom to Pray for Freedom

Benjamin Franklin called upon our government to be a government of prayer. And it worked! Almost two and a half centuries later, the Senate and the House of Representatives still have designated chaplains responsible for beginning each day of congressional activity with prayer.
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Jul 01, 2022

Imprisoned by Faith

Carl Carlson, founder and director of Men of Valor in Nashville, TN, shares his story on this month’s This Christian Life. He was a perfect church kid, yet he was in prison. What did all his good deeds matter if he was just as guilty as any other common criminal? …
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Jun 30, 2022

Habakkuk Series

Do you ever feel like God is not hearing your prayer? The prophet Habakkuk did. He looked at the injustice around him and wondered why God did not seem to change the situation. As he continued to look to God, the prophet ended up getting answers—but they were far different …
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