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Aug 11, 2022

Overcoming Immense Fear, Finding Authentic Forgiveness

You’ve heard the story on This Christian Life of Sarah’s amazing testimony of triumph not only over her physical attacker, but also conquering the fear that lingered and was stealing her peace and confidence. Hear more about Sarah Taylor, I Am Second, and how you can fight human trafficking on …
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Aug 09, 2022

Making of the Music

What beloved hymn was inspired by the majesty of a lightning storm? Find out as we explore the histories of the hymns you love on Family Radio’s “Making of the Music.”
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Aug 04, 2022

Why Did Jesus Need to Suffer and Die Publicly?

Why Did Jesus Need to Suffer and Die Publicly? On Ask Pastor John, Pastor John Piper answers the question asked by a listener, “Did Jesus have to suffer in public for God to give him those glories? Couldn’t Jesus have lived a perfect, law-abiding, substitutionary life for us in total …
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