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Encourage Mint is a collection of short stories—bite-sized moments of encouragement to refresh your soul. These stories are heard by thousands of people every day on Family Radio stations across the country!

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    1. Hello! How’re you all doing?
      I don’t think this is actually an “official” encourage mint episode. But is it possible if you all could PLEASE post the recent Thanksgiving message from Tom Evans? It is so VERY encouraging, and I would REALLY like to send it to my friends.
      Thank you so VERY MUCH! I’d REALLY greatly appreciate it!

      1. Hi Raoul! We thought including Tom’s Thanksgiving message as an Encourage Mint episode was a wonderful idea! It was uploaded as the December 6th episode. Have a wonderful Christmas!

      2. Hola es verdad la historia yo amo a Jesús y el existe y me guia paso a paso a donde dwvo de ir uw eiis los bendiga somos maa buenos que malos

      1. It might also be “South Pole Sacrifice.” If you go to the Encourage Mint main page and click on “Load More”, or use the Search Bar, you should be able to find it.

  1. I loved the story today Jim Smith introduced (November 2) about a pastor who wrote a book and asks himself 3 questions when he has negative thoughts or doubts in our minds like “is it true, is it kind etc. I tried to find it again on the podcasts but couldn’t. Will it be put on the podcast site soon? I would like to share it with family members. I put the FR app on my phone so I can listen where ever I go now. Thank you for all the uplifting songs and programs. They really help in my Christian walk.

  2. I’m looking for the story from a girl who started recognizing essential workers/unsung healers. Can you possibly find it?
    Thank you.

      1. It’s called “Now Live for the Both of Us”. If you go to the main Encourage Mint page and click on “Load More” at the bottom of the list, you can scroll down and find it there.

    1. I would love to hear the story about the little boy who had to put down his old cow because she broke her back in childbirth.

    1. It’s called “Now Live for the Both of Us”. If you go to the main Encourage Mint page and click on “Load More” at the bottom of the list, you can scroll down and find it there.

  3. I once heard a story on family radio about an African American pastor who forgiven the KKK that beaten him to near death. I would like to get a hold of that story.

  4. How do I find the story about the guy whose car wasn’t running well and he stopped at a gas station and found a single mom with kids and he used his debit card to fill up her car with gas and then bought them all McDonald’s and McDonald’s gift cards and she asked him if he was an angel.

  5. Sometime ago I deleted my email address from family radio. I would like to return it to you guys so I can continue to receive the daily scriptures I had been receiving. : )

    1. Hello Guy,

      We’d love to get you added back to our email list so you can receive the daily scripture. If you’ll contact our Listener Services team at requests@familyradio.org, they can take your email address and get it back into our system. Thanks so much!

    1. Hello Peter,
      I will request this from our announcers and let you know once it has been posted. Thank you so much for listening!

  6. How do I find the story about Alice, one who like we all once were hated God was suddenly someone who desperately wanted to know God.

  7. I would very much like to share with my community the story of Ann who “craved” the Bible. Could you help me find that story?

    I Thank YOU for family Radio and friends, and these Little Encouraging words.

    Date 2/4/22 Friday
    Time 10:03am

  9. How can I find the story about the man who went on a trip to Jerusalem and encouraged that young man in Patmos who was about to leave his wife?

  10. Thank you so much for Family Radio. It is a blessing everyday! I do support the station, although not as much as I would like since I am now retired, but will continue to do what I can to support you!

    I look forward to the stories and the Podcasts and like to pass them on or share them with friends and family.
    Two stories I would like to do that with, and couldn’t seem to find in either the Podcast area or Encouragemint were: I thin it was titled One Cup of Rice, which would be a good one for sharing with the church for encouraging people in their giving and Tithing. The other was about Steinway making pianos during the war for supporting the Troops and giving them some comfort and encouragement.
    Let me know if they had different titles ad that is why I can’t find them on your website.

    Thank you again for your faithfulness to Jesus, and to spreading His love, and Mercy, and Grace all over the world!!!
    God’s Richest Blessings on your continued Ministries!

    Jim Kiiffner

  11. Hi.

    I listen to Family Radio on my way to and from work. I love the encouragement stories. Would you happen to have transcripts for them? Would be nice to be able to read some of these encouraging stories during our Children’s Story section at my church.

    1. Hi Diamie! So glad you like them. Unfortunately we don’t have transcripts available.

  12. My tablet dropped off in the middle of a story about a young man named Chris who was delivering pizza to a church and they were taking up an offering for his tip (and that’s when it dropped off!). We never did hear the end of the story.

  13. Dear Jason Frentsos you do a Awsome Job hosting Middays on weekday Mornings and saturday Mornings and Sunday Mornings Our day of worship!! Keep up the Good work.. I Pray for you each day!!

    1. THANK YOU, brother, for your prayers and words of encouragement!! Grateful to worship with you each morning!

  14. I listened to a delightful story about a singer/composer who rode in an uber and the song on the radio was his song he wrote and it really encouraged him – and after singing along with it the uber driver told him he needed to practice more.

    Where can I find that to pass it along?

  15. Just heard “Barefoot Bill and the Deacon” by Randy Zachary. I would love to know how to capture this so I can share it with our church small group of senior citizens. Is there a way to obtain the podcast link so I can send it via email to others who can benefit from this powerful story? Thanks for any help you can give me on how to do this.

  16. I LOVED listening to Randy Zackery . His stories were so interesting . They brougt tears to my eyes about his granddaughter Grace and grandson Luke . I will realy miss his stories as they will miss their OPA. I really don’t know what he looks like but after listening to these stories I was truly saddened to hear that he had passed but I know he is home with the Lord. I pray that you will continue to Broadcast his stories and legacy . Just as Bob Cook. Who I love listening to also. It would be great if you made a CD of his stories of Encouragement for sale . THANK YOU JESUS FOR RANDY ZACHERY !!

  17. I would like the story of the young boy with a prothesis(?) who loved baseball. A teacher helped him learn to tie his shoes. And….. I would like my grandson’s baseball ..highschool…tell his team the story. How do I get that story?

  18. Thank you so much for these. I often forward to believing and non-believing friends and associates because there is often so much “soul food” packed into an episode. I used to work for a government agency. While I was not allowed to “share” about Jesus, one episode reinforced the importance of a key “business principle” and that was to know the name of everyone in the organization, and not just the seemingly “important” people. By Family Radio being used by God to provide the. episode, I was able to push that specific episode out as a “business lesson” to the team that had no believers on it. Of course I put in a disclaimer, and explained my intent. …. learning how to treat people well in the market place. But I also asked believing friends to pray that the Lord would cause recipients to be curious to explore what else was on the FR page.. More than 35 years at my job and this was one of the best tools I ever had the privilege of having in my hands. God bless you all!

    1. Wow! That’s so encouraging to hear! Thank you for sharing that with us. There’s nothing better than knowing our listeners are out there sharing the Gospel and hope of Christ with others!

  19. I caught the story about two people living in two hemispheres and how it is like the light and dark of believers/unbelievers. Is there a transcript? Not sure if it was Encouragemint.

  20. I love them all but 2 that stand out are….

    The Baptismal pool, the Pastor and the garden hose.
    The man with the treasured car and the rock that hit it!!!

    GOD IS GOOD!!!

    Thank you Family Radio!

  21. 👋 My name is Sasha I just wanted to say that I am very excited to be able to find out about this, I’ve been going through a lot of things. So I found this well, it found me I needed this crying right now, God is so good so thanks for helping me out lol.

  22. Hi!
    Please post the story that Jason told about the man who built and loaded crates for a missionary. During that time, his eyeglasses fell off. It was the exact prescription that the missionary needed.

  23. Thanks for these little nuggets of wisdom to refresh us! The right message always seem to show up when I need it! Many Thanks for these!! God Bless the FR team 🙏

  24. I am having difficulty finding the recent encourage mint episode about the young girl aspring pianist who could only play chopsticks,. I thought it was around May 22nd. Can you help me find it, please?

    Thank you.

  25. Hi, I am new to this page. Very encouraging. Serving Jesus daily is my desire. Jesus has done wonderd in my spirit and body, His story all his glory. Seaeching and listening to you. GOD BLESS

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