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Community Bridge helps you stay informed about matters affecting your community. As Ephesians 2:10 tells us, “we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works.” Host Jenny Burkhiser interviews representatives from community organizations and ministries, providing opportunities for us all to do good in our communities!

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  1. I just listened to the January 1st airing of your interview with Pastor Begg regarding shrinking church attendance and people pulling away from religion in general. Here in Canada we of course struggle with the same situations. Pastor Begg’s message hit the nail on the head, particularly with keeping Christ at the center of everything; where we are and when we are. I never thought about the truth of “where two or more are gathered…” and that Christ is really standing with and leading us in worship.

    I am a simple member of the Lutheran church, struggling with how to encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you again for your service to God.

  2. I’ve been supporting FR financially & prayerfully since 2006. Jenny Burkhiser’s “Community Bridge” remains my favorite weekly feature for staying in touch with relevant cultural issues from a Christian perspective. God bless her & the staff that produces & broadcasts these programs. I enjoy the convenience of being able to replay these shows on demand here on the website (especially at 1.5x or 2x to save time), but it would also be nice to hear some of the shorter segments with other FR hosts that play on local radio stations (for me, that would be Long Beach, California). Thanks!

  3. Ms. Burkhiser, would you consider an African American cohost? That would demonstrate God’s teaching on unity and inclusion, and the critical importance of Biblical racial reconciliation. It would be good for family radio, too, because I saw no Black person on the Family Radio Website as a partner or employee. It would also bridge any racial ignorance features we have, and encourage people to get out of their self-centered racial comfort zones–that I deal with as a White person. It would be for God’s glory.

    1. I would guess from your comment that you have not listened to the podcast that is listed on this site as The gentleman also has a blog at They address many of the concerns that you listed in your comment:
      Episode 92: Racial reconciliation
      Episode 106: Unity
      Episode 19 & 20: Race
      Episode 67: Whiteness
      Now, you may not like or agree with what they are discussing, because they address issues with a proper biblical worldview, but that is between you and The Lord.

      1. Thank you for your clarification. That is not visible, so what the public is seeing is a White-washed version of the Gospel. That offends God, and presents a barrier to Evangelism. My racial reconciliation nonprofit is partnering with several multi-racial Christian groups on CityServ, Gospel saturation to try to reach millions of people for Jesus. If you fall short of showing God’s heart for diversity, then you are presenting a barrier to Evangelism. Instead of arguing with us, please have a repentant heart and work with us on ways to show God’s heart for all races, nations and cultures in every activity, including the music. I will be praying for you, and for Ms. Burkhiser to be more active featuring people of color on her Podcast.

        1. Hey Doug, I agree the the body of Christ is very diverse! In fact I’d say Christianity is the most diverse religion there is because it’s not based on any one culture or any one location or nationality. So we agree that it is important. But I do have a question for you. How do you know there aren’t people of color on the podcast? We don’t post pictures of the people we interview. Do you google every person we interview to see what race they are? Or are you saying you can identify what skin color someone has just by their voice?

  4. Thank for the broadcast on January 27, 2024 on estate planning on the Jenny Burkhiser, Community
    Bridge Program. I could not locate it on your site to replay.
    Could you please help.

    Thank you

  5. A while back I heard a podcast where the person on the podcast was talking about how pig tallow is beneficial and I believe they had a local farm. I was driving and not able to write down the information on where to purchase the organic Pig tallow. Do you know the podcast I am speaking about and can you give me information on where this farm is?
    With gratitude…Janice Haines

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