Summer Bible Quiz

May 26, 2023

How well do you know your Bible? 

Sign up to take the Family Radio Summer Bible Quiz! You’ll get a new quiz every week. That’s twelve weeks of Bible knowledge delivered to your email. Ask a friend or family member to sign up and play with you! 

The Summer Bible Quiz starts June 5th. Sign up early to be one of the first to get each quiz. But don’t worry if you sign up late. Each email will include a link to the previous quizzes.  

Grab a friend or family member to play with and sign up for the Family Radio Summer Bible Quiz today! 

The summer has ended, but you can still get the Verse of the Day each morning to start your day with Scripture! Sign up and hear about new giveaways and promotions in our weekly newsletter.

102 responses to “Summer Bible Quiz

  1. Dear Family radio ! Thank you for the music you play every day And on sundays!! I Like Listening to ” The Bible Study Hour with The late Dr . James Boice!! and Dr. Barnhouse & The Bible!!

  2. Love Family Radio teamwork y’all make living so much more cheerful, everyday! Thank and praise our wonderful Lord God very very very much for y’all! Really appreciate the Prayer Team, the music advisory opportunities to share in ministry of his purpose of discipleship, thank the Lord Jesus Prince of Peace Immanuel! May God continue to bless lead guide provide protect in his holy love and humble regards, Sally in Iowa

  3. Dear Family Radio – thank you for all that you do in spreading the Word. i have been listening to FR for over 20 years and can never get enough of it. Each time i feel i am learning something new. God bless you all

  4. I just can’t tell you how much I am blessed by Family Radio. I listen to it at home and in the car. I have the app on my phone. Thank you for the worship music and the Bible teaching and the encouragement. May God richly bless you for spreading His love and His Word.

  5. I love the feeling of gaining knowledge of the Gospel and I’m very disappointed whenever there isn’t a Bible Quiz in the morning.

  6. What a wonderful idea to continue to grow in God’s word! Thank you, may God continue to bless your ministry! I’m praying for you🙏

  7. Looking forward to the quiz!! Love you Family have made such a difference in my life over the years.

  8. I’m utterly excited about this upcoming Summer BiBle Quiz… thank you -KUDOS! Family Radio.

  9. Dear Family Radio,

    I am so grateful for the beautiful christian music, message and ministry. My family and I have been listening to Family Radio for many years.
    Thank you for your encouragement and uplifting messages.
    May YHWH continue to Bless Family Radio, and may you continue to spread the Gospel.
    Let us hold fast to our HOPE without wavering.

  10. I love Family Radio. Listening since 1991. I sing along with the beautiful hymns !
    I send a monthly gift and I enjoy doing that.
    To God be the Glory we give him thanks and praise.

  11. Thank you to all who keep Family Radio on the air. God uses FR to keep me focused on Him day&night. You are a true Christian companion. I appreciate the app and my local station. Love to sing along with most of the songs praising and praying my way through the day as Dr. Cook says. Thanks be to God for your ministry to the lost and to the saved.Keep up the good work. What you do matters!

  12. I love the hymns on Family radio and also Alistair Begg . As a matter of fact I love everything about Family radio.
    I listen on my way to and from work. God bless you all.

  13. I am so grateful for Family Radio. It keeps me in touch with the Lord and with God’s family. The worship and Bible reading, and many of the teachers, are always excellent. Many friends have been happy to be told about it too. God bless you, Family Radio! There will be many in heaven gathering to thank you one day (soon I hope!).

  14. May the Good Lord, Adonai,.. Jehovah Ebenezer our helper.. Jehovah Shammah our God, Elohim Presence continue to be with FAMILY RADIO WFME Uplifting & Empowering, Bible Bsae Ministry & Mission Lifting up The Name of Jesus Christ.. Led & Guided by The Holy Spirit.. Family Radio WFME Is A Spirit Filled Ministry… Thanks Be To Jehovah, TRI-OWN-GO & thanks to the TEAM OF SERVANTS WHO SERVE God @FamilyRADIO

  15. May the Good Lord, Adonai, Jehovah Ebenezer our helper., Jehovah Shammah our God, Elohim Presence continue to be with FAMILY RADIO WFME Uplifting & Empowering, Bible Bsae Ministry & Mission Lifting up The Name of Jesus Christ, Led & Guided by The Holy Spirit. Family Radio WFME Is A Spirit Filled Ministry. Thanks Be To Jehovah, TRI-OWN-GO & thanks to the TEAM OF SERVANTS WHO SERVE God @FamilyRADIO.

  16. Thank you. I have been listening to FR since 1969, and it has been wonderful. FR has been with throughout most of my life. It has brought G-D’S word into the situations that I have been in. I miss especially miss the quiet time.’

  17. Simply the best Christian Radio Station of all time!!! Been listening 36 yrs.! You give glory to God & lift my heart to Him daily
    through your music & featured Bible teachers. God bless your staff & Faith Partners!

  18. Thank you for using the airwaves to spread the Word. You are a light in this dark world. I find the music and teachings quite uplifting.. May God continue to bless you.

  19. I like what I get to listen too but it is hard to stay connected., I live between 2 towers and still only get the station part of the time and then other stations bleed over.

  20. Love Family Radio WFME… My Wife and I A listener since Rev Harold Campaign start up the station… And we are still listening today. GOD, ELOHIM CONTINUE TO BLESS THOSE SERVE IN THE MINISTRY & MISSION OF FAMILY RADIO… What Great Blessings to have this BIBLICAL BIBLE BASE MINISTRY AVAILABLE SERVING THE Across Generations…. God Continue to bless FAMILY RADIO AND THOSE WHO SERVE!

  21. I really enjoy pastor Bob’s quiz in the morning
    I learn and grow everyday deeply through FR.
    My radio in car is fixed on FR and I always listen to FR App at home
    I love to hear Jason in the morning and Doug H in the afternoon , encouraging me so much.
    I can’t wait for summer bible quiz.
    Thank you so much FR

  22. Have been appreciating the morning Bible quiz for quite a while now and sometimes surprised at how much I knew…not nearly as much as I didn’t know, but still… Wonderful and fun way to teach your listeners. The Bible teachings, music (especially the evening music) and great hosts are bringing the Word of God to everyone who tunes in. Many of my friends are now listening in.

  23. I thank our heavenly Father for Family Radio. Your music, prayers, scripture and sermons have changed my life. I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and listen. I’m so glad my Mom, Carol, told me about Family Radio. We have passed it on to many people. I look forward to bedtime so I can listen to a sermon and the reading of the Holy Bible. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

    1. Sorry to hear that. is there a way to get the signal stronger..SO Morer people could hear, like back in the day when Harold Campin was around. I remember about 3 or2 years ago ot was sold or something. Like that, there wasn’t enough money or signal stength..

  24. Since I moved from Youngstown, Ohio to Adrian, Michigan, I have not been able to listen to Family Radio. Occasionally when I travel I can pull in the Toledo, Ohio station on my car radio. I miss having Christian radio on all the time like I did back in Ohio.

  25. My fiancée 43 years ago introduced me to Family we’ve been married since then. Our children grew up listening to the station both at home & in the car. Thank God for you guys!

  26. Thank you for all that the Lord gives you to share with us. I love family radio and feel such a closeness to all of the presenters and encouragement daily.

  27. I am so happy you will be posting a quiz this summer. I’ve often thought I wish you would put the daily quiz on your website so if I miss it, I can still see it. But this is the second best way to get a quiz. I love Family Radio and tell all my friends about it. Somehow you manage to hire all the right people to create such a wonderful Christian station!

  28. Family Radio is such a blessing everyday in my walk with the Lord. It helps me keep my eyes on the things above. I’ve been a listener over 55 years.

  29. What a blessing! WHAT A WONDERFUL BLESSINGS having Family Radio in our lives!
    I’ve listened constantly since 1983.

  30. Been listening to Family Radio since 1967! I am so glad for how the ministry has grown over the years as we await the return of Jesus. I personally am ready for the second coming but I am thankful God is still waiting so many more will have the opportunity for eternal life! Omar was my favorite host on Morning Clock and Jerry Edinger was another favorite on Night Watch. The quiz will be reminiscent of the quiz that Omar on other have on air in the AM. I memorized 2Timothy 2:15 because Omar would quote it every morning. May God’s blessings continue to be on Family Radio and the staff.

  31. Dear family, radio, your radio station has been the only constant ministry in my Christian walk since I started listening in 1992.

    My mother started listening to family radio with me back then. She went home to be with the Lord in 2000.

    I stopped supporting your ministry in 2011, but I plan to start again. No amount of money in the world could repay you for the work your ministry does in the lives of so many every single day.

  32. Its is wonderful that I have this on my cellphone because I have no cable on my house and this is a good station to listen too thank you so very much may God bless you today and tomorrow and forever

  33. I listen to your radio programs on my Android phone. What a blessing to me. Thank you so much.

    I don’t know why it stopped a number of times yesterday and I had to push play again each time then I quit.

  34. I listen to WKDN 950 every day in my car. I love the old hymns and messages I hear. The modern music just doesn’t appeal to me.

  35. I just love the morning bible quiz! Thank you for this opportunity to grow in knowledge of God’s word in such a fun way!

  36. I love Family Radio. I listen every morning when I get up. I have it on in my car. I love the scripture of the day in my email. I am looking forward to the Summer Bible Quiz.

  37. I Love EVERYTHING about FAMILY RADIO!! !I am a regular supporter and my radio stays on 24/7 never turn it off. It brings me such PEACE! ……Now I am excited to receive the BIBLE QUIZ…

  38. Before I retired my co-worker and I would listen every morning before work and take the bible quizzes.

  39. I listen to family Radio on the app , Love this app ! Can hear the word while driving at night and keeps my mind on the Lord!!!!

  40. Greetings Family Radio Ministry,

    I too, am looking forward to the 2023 Summer Bible Quiz and each week, drawing closer
    to God’s Unfailing Word (Luke 1:37) and especially, continually improving by Bible knowledge.
    Thanks folks at Family Radio Ministry.

  41. I feel so blessed to have FR to listen to every day. I have been mostly homebound with chronic illness & disability, unable to get to church for too many years. I was grateful when I first found Family Radio; it allows me to worship our Lord with song & prayer. I get to learn more about the Bible, by listening to sermons & Bible studies, such as by Alistair Begg & RC Sproul; & I always smile & feel uplifted when I hear Dr. Cook.
    I love starting my day with the Bible Quiz. I love the challenge & how I learn so much. I look forward to getting these quizzes in my email. Thank you, Family Radio, for all you do for us.

  42. Used to do a Bible quizz on the radio when driving to work, then I moved. Really enjoyed it and looked forward to it.

  43. Anxious to start the Bible Quiz and learn more of God and His Word! Thank You for making this available.

  44. I really like to do the morning Bible quiz, especially when Jim Smith did it twice in the morning. It really helps me to become more knowledgeable in God’s word.

  45. Eager to partico[ate om tje Summer Bible Quix.

    Also, I love that you read scriipture at 1:00 am (approximaely. Thank you for sharing God’s word.

  46. Hello Family Radio,
    There was a time on your station when you used to have a commercial that use to say Now Walk With God, And He Will Be Your Dearest Friend, Where Ever You Go, And Everything You Do, And May Your Life Repent It’s Self In Every Way, Now Walk with God And He Will Walk With You. I sure would love to hear that commercial / song again on here. It was in the 80’s when I first heard it. It was the 80’s when I stumbled across your radio station. Truly has uplifted me and my life. I would like it if my 89 year old mother could hear it in Canada, (Stellarton, Nova Scotia) And I was hoping you would say a prayer for her, just because I love her and miss her. Thank you FR for all the good things I’ve done in my life because of you and Bob Cook. Respectfully Dianna Garcia

  47. I absolutely love family radio. It stays on 24/7 in my apt. I have shared this radio station with everyone in the apartment bldg. I live in as well as friends and extended family members. THANK YOU, Family Radio for being bold and faithful in sharing Godly programing with everyone in this evil and unGodly times we live in. May our Father YHWH God richly continue to Spiritually bless you for making this station available to everyone who will listen all over the world. You have some of the most beautiful music this side of heaven. Bless you forever and ever more. 👍👍 💕 🙏🙏🙏 🕊 🖖

  48. I signed up for the Bible Quiz in early June and I have never received any quiz questions by email.

    1. Hi Gerald, I checked our database and don’t see a sign up last month, but you are signed up as of yesterday, so you should be all set to receive the next email on Monday morning. And don’t worry, all the previous quizzes will be included so you can go back and take them all! Thank you so much!

  49. Reggiep Loves Family Bible Reading Fellowship and also Bob Cook’s Walk With The King …..and is looking forward to your Bible Quiz !

  50. Dear Family Radio,
    Though I have little financially, I have been hugely blessed by your Radio Scripture/Music, especially during the dead of the night, when I awaken alone and my mind tends to depression as a widow.

    Thank you for your encouragement, scripture readings and music. It is the perfect recipe.

    Yours in Christ,


  51. I used to listen all the time when I lived in Youngstown, Ohio. Can’t get it where I live now in SE Michigan.

  52. Love Family Radio.. I remember my wife & I, supported Bro Campaign when he first started Family Radio. For Me: IT’S A WELL SPRING OF LIVING WATER & LIVING WORD OF GOD, ELOHIM; Word Of The, Lord, Adonai. Jesus Christ. An OVERFLOWING STREAMS OF THE PRESENCE OF The Holy Spirit, YIELDING: GOD’S DIVINE PRESENCE, FAVOR, GRACE & MERCY. GOD’S LOVING KINDNESS, COMPASSION, WISDOM; UNDERSTANDING. And Above All His DIVINE SALVATION PLAN & His DISCERNMENT Presence!

  53. Family Radio is always faithful to share the Word of God with every listener in as many ways as they can. This helps us to comprehend it, retain it, share it. While we’re learning God’s Word, we can take what we’ve learned to our neighbors and repeat the process over again, making disciples as we go. What an effective method of sowing His Word!

  54. Family Radio is my favorite station! I listen to the station all day (except when I’m in the car and can’t get it). I started listening when Family Radio bought the Camden, NJ, Christian station I was already listening to, and changed it to Family Radio, and I haven’t stopped listening since (probably around 65 years; I am 82.) They considered it their Philadelphia station as it was just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. I will continue to listen to the end of my life. You have been such a friend, a comfort, a teacher, and so much more to me. Thank you forever. May God bless you and keep you going on and on and on!

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