Hymns of Family Radio

Feb 28, 2024

Which favorite hymn was played on a missionary’s violin, as he was surrounded by indigenous warriors, knowing he was about to die?

When you discover the remarkable stories behind some of your favorite worship songs, you’ll be filled with even greater joy as you sing along on Family Radio!

We are sharing the stories behind some of your favorite hymns in the form of a beautifully illustrated, downloadable pamphlet. It’s our gift to you for a limited time!

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41 responses to “Hymns of Family Radio

  1. Absolutely love this station. I grew up in Church singing Hymns and totally missed singing them in Church. Family Radio brings me back to the place of real Worship. I wish these Church will stop holding on to the this of the world. It breaks my heart everytime.

  2. May our Lord God Jesus Christ richly bless you in your faithful and passionate service to Him. Thank you so much for your Ministry.

  3. I Pray that Almighty God continues to Bless and keep this Station on the air so that His children can be continually be encouraged and others can come to Christ.

  4. Since singing is how many of my prayers are made, hymns and songs are a big part of my life. I so appreciate your station as it continuously floods the airwaves with Scripture whether spoken or in song. May you all be blessed mightily for what you are offering to all those who listen to your station.

  5. I love the daily inspiration from all the music and teaching from Family Radio. First thing I listen to every day!

  6. A missed morning wo FR is like a missed call from a forgotten friend.
    (Pure Joy: what joy there is calling a “forgotten someone,” today–perhaps an elderly neighbor, or, a nursing home shut-in).

  7. Every Sunday morning Family Radio plays many amazing and inspiring hymns. I was wondering if a link could be provided to listen/relisten to an hour of these hymns. It wouldn’t need to be changed every week, but just be there. I love listening on Sunday mornings and wish I could listen and sing along whenever I wanted to rather than having to wait another week. 🎶
    Just a thought. God bless you!

  8. I thank God for Family Radio which my husband then my fiancée introduced me to in 1978. Our children grew up listening to it playing in
    the house all day! I get so much Blessings from the Bible Reading, the Hymns, and the Messages. I pray that Almighty God keeps you guys on til He returns!

  9. I was first introduced to Family Radio when I married my husband. He had Family Radio on 24 -7 At first I tried not to listen – I liked worship music more and I really didn’t agree with some of Harold Camping’s teachings. But I have come to appreciiate the beautiful music and hymns you play as well as all the teaching especially Dr Cook! We start our day with him. Now Family Radio is on 24/7 even the one by our bed . So we fall asleep to Family Radio. We wake to Family Radio, and our car 🚗 radio is set on 91.3 – Family Radio. I carry my iPhone with me so I can listen to Family Radio as I go about my day. We have also been able to supported Family Radio all these years with our money 💰as well as our prayers. 🙏 May Family Radio always be there for us and those who come after us until our Lord Comes.
    The Hartmans

  10. Family Radio provides a marvelous blend of Biblical teaching, insights, life experiences and an absolute beautiful blend of Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs that honor our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for all that you do. I have experienced intense heartfelt joy, as well as wept with humility when listening to the music and the teaching. May God bless your ministry, as you honor him with your faithfulness.

  11. I put family radio at night especially after I’ve had a rough or bad day. The lord minsters through the night . Thank you for coming back on the air. I also love the worship channel you have . Thank you for your ministry.

  12. Thank you very much for your sincere and dedicated 🙏 Ministery Only Whats done for the Lord will last 🙏 ❤️ The songs really Minister to my Heart and I look forward to Reverend Cook message to start my day I encourage everyone I know to listen to Family Radio What A BLESSING you are to your listening Audience GOD RICHLY and Abundantly BLESS everyone who work so hard to spread the gospel of JESUS CHRIST

  13. I am new here but I thank God for this radio station. I love pure and worship songs to the Lord. You don’t here this type of music in any other so call Christian radio station. Thank you, I Love it! Thank you Lord God, continue blessing this station amen!

  14. I’m so blessed to have family radio as a part of my daily devotional listening,Thank you for resuming the broadcast for us in New York City, Many blessings to you and the entire staff.God’s continued grace and mercy.

  15. I FIRST listened to Family Radio when I began my homeless life in 1983.I discovered a faithful friend who always encouraged me throughout my days surviving on the streets in El Cajon,California. I had many experiences and instances where I came to know the love of my lord and protector. I LEARNED that there isn’t anything that my God and Lord wouldn’t do for me;If I only asked with a humble heart and an believing spirit. That it was given to me. One night in October I was cold and Hungry. I said dear LORD I’M not worthy for the love and protection that you have given me, but I know you know my needs and will send an angel to guide me through this time and I ask dear father a sign of hope. So then at that moment I was in front of the El Cajon Family Radio station where the door was unlocked and I asked the person who worked there for a cup of water and he gave me
    A cup of coffee and his lunch as well. I Thanked him and went back out into the cold street filled with the gratitude that this person gave me by that one simple act.

  16. I began listening to Family Radio back in 1964. Love to listen to the hymns I grew up with. I played the piano for the Sunday morning and evening services. Even though I did not sing along with the congregation, the words made an impression in my mind. A classic hymn will air while I am driving in the car and all of a sudden, I find myself singing the words.
    I still play the classic hymns on my piano at home as it brings me such peace and joy. I have been a monthly supporter for a while now.
    Thank you for your continued presence and encouraging words…I know they bring comfort and joy to many people. What a testimony!!!
    I can not wait to receive and read the Hymns of Family Radio.

  17. Thank you ,you are a blessing, love the stories behind the hymns,been looking for something like this ,wonderful

  18. I was reared in a humble home where Mama sent me to church all my young years & an expensive Baptist College she worked hard for as a night duty nurse for 50 yrs. I meandered around for 40 yrs. in a cultish religion, lost my way, then found my Jesus waiting for me at a humble small church needing music. Somehow I learned a few guitar chords & Family Radio offered up the hymns I now play. Praise the Lord I’m finally needed in your service, my leader in song Jesus!!

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Hymns of Family Radio

When you discover the remarkable stories behind some of your favorite worship songs, you’ll be filled with even greater joy as you sing along on Family Radio!
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