Learn the Stories Behind the Carols!

Dec 05, 2022


Learn the stories behind some of your favorite Christmas carols! Sign up below to get your free copy of our pamphlet, Christmas Carols of Family Radio!

19 responses to “Learn the Stories Behind the Carols!

  1. Thank you so much! I’ve been a faithful listener and supporter of Family Radio since I got saved December 1983!
    Thank you all for all you do to bless us with solid biblical teaching, and beautiful music!

  2. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas! I downloaded the Family Radio app a couple of years ago when it was offered at the Getty’s Sing! Conference. I enjoy it when I want to think on “these things” – Philippians 4:8!

  3. I listen and supporter for years and now listen 24/7 on my phone app. I love the commercial free old hymns, the daily Bible quiz, Bob Cook starts my day. I love hearing the Bible verses throughout the day, etc. Merry Christmas to your entire staff for being Christ into our daily lives

  4. I have been a faithful listener since Howard Camping left 90.3 fm Fresno. I am having some trouble listing the different programs I favor. Bob Cook, daily bible quizzes wonderful hymns special Christmas music; I could keep going-but the hallmark of this station is the constant focus in our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.

  5. I have been a listener since I came to USA in 1988, became a supporter and then stop due certain changes with the radio and Bro Camping. Now I thank God for your ministry even more and what you are doing to reach the unsaved and strengthening other listeners. Love the fact that all the songs praise God and don’t even mention the fat man in red!!!

  6. Thank you Family Radio. You are my morning and evening partner. Thank you Lord. I share you with all my neighbors and family. May our Lord and Jesus Christ continue to bless you in your service to our God in Heaven.

  7. Family radio is such a blessing! I’ve listened on and off for many years, and there have been many times when I “happen” to tune in with perfect timing for a scripture or message or song that speaks directly to me in my particular situation. A God-incident for sure! I especially love Christmas with all the beautiful traditional carols and hymns, and their history! I also enjoy creation moments!!!

  8. I discovered family radio in 2017 and have prayerfully supported it. The hymns comfort and encourage my faith. Alistair Begg’s teaching has strengthened and validated my faith. Your station calms my spirit in this turbulent world we live in. May God continue to Bless all your ministries.

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