7 Day Challenge!

Dec 26, 2023

We want to help you grow closer to Christ!

Take the 7 Day Challenge in January! Listen every day for seven days to see how God can impact your life through Family Radio. And remember to listen carefully! We’ll be asking a series of questions, and you will need to know the answers! Each question will highlight a certain way that Family Radio can help you grow in your faith. After seven days, visit this webpage to take a quiz with the questions you’ve heard. You’ll receive a gift in the mail from Family Radio!

You can take the 7 Day Challenge any time during the month of January. Our announcers (Bob, Jason, and Doug) will be revealing the answers to the questions every weekday at 7:15am ET / 6:15am PT, 12:15pm ET / 11:15am PT and 5:15pm ET / 4:15pm PT.

But don’t worry if you miss the answers on the radio! We’ve designed all the questions with hints so if you listen to Family Radio and visit our website, you can find out the answers yourself.

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53 responses to “7 Day Challenge!

  1. Good idea! Make a demand on
    minds of listeners! Love QUIZ IN AM.READY WITH Brain, NOTE BOOK, BIBLE. MOST OF TIME

  2. Hi I would like to join the 7-day challenge but not sure how it works. Do I just listen to family radio from January 1st to 7th, every weekday (Monday to Friday) at (I’m in central time) 6:15am CST; 11:15am CST or 4:15CST? And also can I miss the above radio time, where can I find the questions on your website? Thank you!!

    1. wow!!!! they were playing family radio in a doctors office?? that is amazing!! May the Lord bless you.

  3. I love hearing the history of the Christmas songs! So fascinating! And the daily morning Bible questions! Bible readings…thank YOU! Will be a part of the 7-day challenge.

  4. Starting the New Year knowing about my Savior : thanking Family Radio has been a blessing to my life for so many years 🙏

  5. I really enjoy listening to Family Radio. It’s informative and the daily devotionals and Bible readings are very inspirational. Thanks Family Radio. I will love to be apart of the 7 day challenge.

  6. I would like to join the 7 day challenge, anything that can help grow my knowledge of scripture to help others & glorify God is what He calls to do. To be Servants of christ

  7. It is a Great idea, I would LOVE to join the 7 day challenge. I pray that a lot of other people will join.

  8. I m old 72 and I love God and I just found you. I like games,Music,and most I like tolove GOD.but I can t see to Welland can t remember to good. But I’ll we’ll be hear.

    1. … OLD ??
      … Only 72 ??

      What you talkin’ ‘bout Theresa Nellis; that’s not old!!

      “When we’ve been there ten thousand years …”

      My goodness, these silly young’uns saying they’re old!
      What’s next – So it’s gonna start raining cats and dogs next week?? LoL 😝

  9. Family Radio saved my life and my family I am so grateful to GOD for directing me to your station.

  10. I appreciate the Bible quizes as I learn not only what I didn’t know in the Bible, but surprisingly, how much I did know! Also it leads to reading more around the Bible question bringing my attention to what I may not have noticed before.
    Is it possible for you to have a place where the daily questions from Bob Lepine’s morning quiz can be posted? I think that would benefit listeners as well.
    Family Radio is bringing the gospel daily to so many who may not go to a church, or know anything about Christ and His great gift to those who would come to Him. Your various teachers bring that knowledge to your listeners plus all of the wonderful songs carrying the Bible’s message. You do choose your music wisely.
    Also, you do know that you are invading the Prince of the Air’s domain and weakening it with each proclamation of Jesus’ name and words from THE WORD!! God continue to bless this station and all of you who are part of it.

  11. I love Family Radio! I’ve been listening in for 16 years now, and I can’t think of any other station I’d rather listen to. Family Radio has helped me grow closer to Jesus Christ. Thank you soo much staff, listeners and supporters!

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