Man’s Rejected God’s Selected

Apr 20, 2022


Ron Archer was 10 when he wanted to take his own life, but God had different and much grander plans! A tragic childhood is saved by one kind teacher with a Bible.

This is one of the most powerful stories ever told on This Christian Life. The subject matter is intense, but it shows the amazing power of Jesus Christ to change lives! Listen to “Man’s Rejected God’s Selected” and tell us what you think in the comments below!

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3 responses to “Man’s Rejected God’s Selected

  1. Oh, what a powerful, powerful message of the grace of God. When we are weak, He is strong in the midst of our life when we don’t realize it or even understand: that God works everything out for His glory and our good, in His own way. Thank you, Family Radio, for this story and for all the ways you are a blessing, bringing light and hope in so many lives.

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