This Christian Life: Angel Game

Nov 17, 2023

A Road Trip. A Baseball Game. And a new job that saved a life. Chris had been planning the trip for months but saying yes to a new job had him cancel the trip at the last moment, changing his life forever.  Hear his story on the new episode of This Christian Life!

5 responses to “This Christian Life: Angel Game

  1. Bless you for sharing your story and giving us all encouragement. I too am alone in this life.
    After my mom went to heaven a friend took me in (i had no place to go). Then after about
    four years she threw me out of her house. God took care of me, He still does. I pray and
    dream of one day having a home and a wife.

    1. Jesus has been with me through many difficult times.
      I have personally been healed 3 x of various things.
      Through prayer and healing masses.
      And now I face another milestone in my health.
      But I have faith that. Jesus will bring me through it .
      Healed again in his Glory !!

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