Imprisoned by Pride

Jul 01, 2022

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Carl Carlson, founder and director of Men of Valor in Nashville, TN, shares his story on this month’s This Christian Life. He was a perfect church kid, yet he was in prison. What did all his good deeds matter if he was just as guilty as any other common criminal? Hear his story of addiction with pride, performance and self-worth and finding true freedom on this episode, “Imprisoned by Pride“.

One response to “Imprisoned by Pride

  1. This was not accurate, our thoughts & actions are not evil all the time that was during Noah’s time

    Us as Christians are sinners yes but we have loving thoughts & actions our hearts are open thanks to the Holy Spirit

    I’m the least worthy & it is all by grace through faith but this was not accurate the inclinations of our hearts are not evil all the time as it was in Noah’s day

    Before we are saved we were enemies to God but after we have an open heart to love Him & do good

    God Bless you guys

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