Making of the Music

Aug 09, 2022

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What beloved hymn was inspired by the majesty of a lightning storm?

One peaceful evening in 1885, Swedish poet Carl Gustav Boberg was walking home from church, enjoying the rich colors of nature displayed around the bay. Then suddenly, a thundercloud blew in. Boberg scrambled for cover and watched as lightning cut through the sky. Thunderclaps echoed across the water, and fields of grain bowed beneath the gusts of wind. But as quickly as the storm developed, it retreated. As the sky cleared, a rainbow appeared.

The beauty and power of both the stillness and the storm moved him to write a poem. Today, we can all marvel at God’s creation and praise His glory when we sing “How Great Thou Art.”

4 responses to “Making of the Music

  1. Love that song; survey requests songs: There’s no God like Jehovah by Angela Primm, , It want rain all the time by Janet Paschal., I know My Redeemer Lives by Nicole Mullins. Thank You!

  2. How Breathtaking is the Lord our God. He is the definition of perfect and glorious in every single way!!! My love for him extends to the ends of Earth. 💌🥰❤️💕💖💛💗💞🥰💌

  3. I prepared a reply and I am not sure if it went through…

    “The Majesty and Glory of Your Name”, is my favorite song. I was introduced to it on Family Radio years ago. I looked it up and listened to a version on YouTube that was slower in tempo. Magnificent!! It stops me wherever I am to listen to it. If I’m in the car, I turn the radio up.

    Please play some popular scores like Vivaldi’s Gloria or different versions of Handel’s, etc… The Messiah can be for Christmas or Easter. Mix it up. There are so many inspirational choral and organ pieces. Hymns really get me into worship. Teachings are good, but sometimes, you really want a couple of hours of music to reflect on life, which is very tough these days.

    I am a supporter of The Chosen, and was thrilled to hear you mention the popular and powerful series.

    Usually I only hear about 15-20 songs rotated in a weekday. When I am working remotely, Family Radio is always in the background all day..

    The key words here: MIX IT UP MORE!!

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