Your Top Ten Family Radio Songs

Aug 31, 2022

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Recently we asked listeners to vote on their favorite Family Radio songs. Hundreds of listeners replied so it took us a bit longer to put the list together than we thought. Ask and you shall receive, right?!  Well, we finally have the answers. Which songs made the top ten list? Let’s take a look!

#10 In Christ Alone by Keith and Kristen Getty

I love how this song displays so many examples of who God isour Comforter, our Strength, our Cornerstone, our Solid Ground. These descriptions paint a beautiful picture in our hearts of what God has done for us and who God continues to be. A gorgeous rendition of this song that should be heard every day!

#9 Be Thou My Vision by Selah

This is a wonderful hymn to pray. As you listen to the words, pray them to your Father! Whatever your heart and flesh desires may not be what is best for you. I pray that God will be your vision today.

#8 Great Is Thy Faithfulness by Danny Byrum

Another song about God’s faithfulness! Can we ever hear that truth enough? God will provide in every season of your life. He has shown His faithfulness through and through!

#7 He Will Hold Me Fast by Selah

Remember that even though you are ever-changing, God is everlasting. He never changes as He waits on you. This version has some great harmony that all ears will enjoy!

#6 He Will Hold Me Fast by Keith & Kristen Getty

It’s no wonder this song got voted on twicewhat a beautiful version! Our Savior will hold you fast, never changing His mind, never letting go. How comforting is that?!

#5 Blessed Assurance by Larry Mayfield Orchestra

This is a fantastic praise and worship song! God deserves our praise every minute of every day. What sweet assurance that Jesus is ours. Don’t be afraid to shout your story today!

#4 Come Thou Fount by Fernando Ortega

This song is a wonderful picture of divine grace. The Lord bought us with His precious blood and rescues us from danger repeatedly. This version allows reflection on the words during the instrumentals, and what profound words they are!

#3 My Redeemer is Faithful and True by Steven Curtis Chapman

We all struggle in different areas of our lives. We should all agree that our Redeemer is faithful and true. This song will remind you that God’s plan is the best plan, and He always follows through!

#2 Lamb of God by Chrystal Sea Orchestra

Jesus was completely sin-freeperfect! He was pure, just like the spotless lambs that were sacrificed as blood offerings. Singing abut the Lamb of God is a great way to remember the sacrifice Jesus is for you!

And the hymn voted as the #1 favorite from our audience is….

Holy, Holy, Holy by Sovereign Grace

This song is a little taste of heaven! Hearing all the voices come together to sing about our holy Lord is almost overwhelming. God is nothing short of holy and this song is a great reminder!

So, what do you think? You can always cast your votes and ratings to hear your favorite Family Radio hymns and songs by joining the Family Radio listener advisory board. We look forward to hearing from you there!

4 responses to “Your Top Ten Family Radio Songs

  1. Dear Family Radio! Thank you for Our day of worship on sunday’s.. I Enjoy the Old choirs and solo’s and hymns and I enjoy The Bible study hour with the late Dr. James Boice!! Sunday is my favorite day to listen!

  2. I Notice that Family Radio has in the past year and a half began mixing in Softer Adult Contemporary Christian songs by Today’s singers into the format. Before that there was very little of that type of song. In the past some early Contemporary Christian singers were played maybe once an hour. Now singers you hear on K Love now are being played on Family Radio. Still Family Radio is selective about cuts being played. Nothing uptempo and no love songs and no “fun type” songs that are clean but not overly Christian get played. Family Radio is still sticking to worship type songs. We now hear far less Melody 4, George Beverly Shea, Mahalia Jackson, Dick Anthony Quartet type songs.

  3. Blessings by Laura Story is a beautiful song and a blessing to hear every time I listen to it!

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