How Can I Be Sure About Heaven?

Jun 01, 2023

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Free June Bible Study Giveaway

How can I be sure about Heaven? 

At some point in your life, you’ve asked that question—or you know someone who has. In that moment of challenge, where do you find the answers to help you push just a little harder and really believe in your heart what you already know is true?

God’s Word has the answers! For the month of June, we’re giving away a short, digital pamphlet from Pastor Smith, host of Open the Bible. It’s called, “How Can I Be Sure About Heaven?” You’ll learn how to turn to God, ask for His mercy and strength, and trust in His goodness through every moment of your life.

“How Can I Be Sure About Heaven?” is sure to be a blessing as you grow in your faith. It’s also a great for sharing the story of God’s salvation with your loved ones! 

One response to “How Can I Be Sure About Heaven?

  1. I am involved in a jail Bile study and recently we discussed the scene described in Matthew 7::21 – 23 where Jesus says, “Not everyone who calls me Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven.” In the study, we asked, “How can we know we will be welcomed into God’s kingdom before we are standing in front of Jesus.?”
    The book by Pastor Smith asks and answers this very question.
    Is it possible for me to receive 15 copies of the book so I can share them with inmates in jail?
    Your help will be appreciated.

    God bless,
    Tak Okabe (San Jose, CA)

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