Two Women Used by God

May 11, 2023

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Nancy shares about two individuals in the New Testament who could never have predicted the way things worked out but were used by God in amazing ways.

One response to “Two Women Used by God

  1. Thank you so much for the daily Bible verse. Unfortunately, my knowledge of English is not sufficient to hear your certainly wonderful devotions. But as a Chriszin, I study God’s holy word daily. I listen to the wonderful songs on Radio Family very often. I know many of these songs. They used to be sung in my church in the service. Then a new hymnal came out that didn’t contain these songs anymore. I was very disappointed, I loved those lyrics and melodies. I felt deprived. But eventually I discovered Radio Family and listen to them again! I still have my old hymnal and sing along in German when I hear them on the app. I cannot express My joy at this in words. Only: Praise the LORD! If you send message in text form, I can translate it myself. But that doesn’t work when I’m listening and I only get half of it. But I have found the lost treasure again: the hymns. And you have such wonderful voices and choirs and the fantastic setting of the hymns – for me like heavenly music!
    United in Jesus Christ, I greet you warmly and God bless your proclamation in word and tone and of course you too!!
    Your grateful listener from Duesseldorf,
    Birit Peters

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