The Wickedness of the Crucifixion

Mar 28, 2023

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Have you ever noticed that the Bible says very little about Jesus’ physical pain on the cross? Plenty of movies have made Christ’s physical suffering a highlight of the story. Entire sermons have been devoted to the weight of an execution on a cross. But those details aren’t the Bible’s focus. In this glorious turning point in human history, discover what the Bible emphasizes and how that can help deepen your worship as Easter approaches!

2 responses to “The Wickedness of the Crucifixion

    1. God never said we have to celebrate Easter; although, there is no harm in doing so. We do not have to celebrate Easter; but, whether or not someone wants to celebrate and acknowledge the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is their choice. God does not force us to celebrate Easter; but, every Sunday whether we celebrate Easter or not is and should be a reminder of our Lord’s resurrection and our own resurrection if saved ( one of God’s elect ). Every Sunday is a reminder of the resurrection of all God’s elect. Easter is an extention of that and ellaborates on that. I have no problem with this. When talking to people, we should always keep in mind that this is what Easter is all about. A beautiful holiday, if you choose. As the Lord works through us, we should keep this in mind on this blessed and holy holiday.

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