The Strength of Christ’s Love (2-part series)

Oct 25, 2022

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Open the Bible with Pastor Colin Smith

In part one, when you feel completely wretched about yourself, do you avoid coming to Jesus Christ? Pastor Colin Smith shows you why you don’t need to avoid him, even in your darkest hour.

In part two, maybe you have experienced a love that did not last. How then can you take Jesus at His word when He says, I will love you always? Pastor Colin helps us to understand why Jesus’ love is different.

2 responses to “The Strength of Christ’s Love (2-part series)

  1. Our concept of God, and of the Love of Jesus for us each, can mean several different things beneath the eschatological. reality.

    Our language is limited in describing these things. for we tend to think categorically – in a world of systems and structures as spirits in a world with which you are most aware. As threats to Satan, and subjected as objects of his hatred, we can easily become overly self-protective,, coming to Jesus in the form of the local church and become separated completely from our lives in this world. No more victory here. He had been here also We go to Him for mercy which sustains us only our lives are changed for good Our infrastructure and our resiliency It really hasn’t been a trade after all. Our own church lives are nor much as like they once were . Just saying

    Sustained without portfolio

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