The Most Misunderstood Parable

Aug 17, 2023

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What do you remember about the story of the Good Samaritan? Do you remember how it made you feel? Did it motivate you to love your neighbor, to donate to charity, or to fight for justice? These are all noble goals, but they all miss the main point of the parable. What was Jesus’ main point with the story of the Good Samaritan? Find out on this 2-part series, “The Most Misunderstood Parable,” on Grace to You with Pastor John MacArthur.

2 responses to “The Most Misunderstood Parable

  1. Wonderful learning Bibles Truths with John MacArthur Wow some real knowledgeable understanding of the word to heart!!

  2. I always like to hear your voice
    You have said things that make me think
    For some reason you are like someone who
    send by the Lord to answer my questions

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