How Do We Lovingly Call Out Sin In a Non-believer?

Nov 02, 2023

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Questions in this Episode:

1. Will God Forgive Me Again If I Fall Back into My Addiction?  

2. What Does the Bible Mean by “Works”?  

3. How Do We Lovingly Call Out Sin in a Non-believer?  

4. Was the Human Race Started through Incest?

Hear the answers on this episode of Core Christianity. 

One response to “How Do We Lovingly Call Out Sin In a Non-believer?

  1. Hi family,
    The Lord has given me so many wonderful blessings, I thank you so much for biblical answers and no matter what going to God’s Word for hard questions. I have been sharing with YouTube channels, Facebook, and Instagram your website. I thank Almighty God for your outstanding ministry and I will always pray that the Lord helps keep bringing people to this ministry. Our Heavenly Father always comes through in His perfect timing. May the Lord always bless you

    Amelia Grace

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