How Can We Persuade Skeptics of the Truth of the Gospel?

Nov 17, 2022

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Some people think the message of the cross is crazy and others realize it’s the power of God unto salvation. We need to be faithful and speak the truth of the gospel—Jesus said as much that not everyone will accept that. In Acts 18:4, “Paul reasoned in the in the synagogue every Sabbath and trying to persuade Jews and Greeks.” And we should do the same. 

Questions in this episode:

  1. What should we think about false teachers who still confess Jesus as Lord?
  2. How can we persuade skeptics? Is it even possible?
  3. How did unbelievers perform miracles in Jesus’s name in 1 Corinthians 12:3

. . . and several more questions answered on this episode of Core Christianity. 

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