Heaven, How I Got Here

Mar 21, 2024

You don’t want to miss Heaven, How I Got Here! It’s a compelling, online film you can watch absolutely free, March 24-31 at openthebible.org/watch-heaven/

He never went to church; he never contributed to the offering plate; he never memorized a Bible verse; he never served the poor. He hung on the cross at the brink of death. In an act of desperation, he called out to Jesus and was saved.

Heaven, How I Got Here is a gripping presentation of the crucifixion and conversion of the thief on the cross. Actor Stephen Baldwin delivers an emotionally powerful performance based on the story of the crucifixion found in Luke 23.

This story of redemption and grace resonates with people who are uncertain about heaven and unclear about how to get there.

In the drama, Baldwin plays the thief and serves as a “tour guide” to heaven. He recounts the events of that day as we imagine he experienced them, and as he looks back from the perspective of his new life in heaven.

Heaven, How I Got Here is the amazing story of transformation in the heart of a man who had breakfast with the devil and supper with the Savior. There is hope in Jesus Christ for everyone! Watch and share a compelling presentation of the Gospel message that explains not only how the thief was able to enter Heaven—but how you can as well!

6 responses to “Heaven, How I Got Here

  1. A true Blessing – What a powerful 58 minutes by Steven! God Bless all who made this performance possible. The way of the cross leads home – Trust and Obey – Thank You Jesus.

  2. I’m sharing this with my unbelieving family members. Praying for God’s Grace of Salvation for them. Thank you for streaming this.

  3. My wife and I watched this film last night and we agree with others who have said what a powerful movie! We have shared with several of our friends as well. Thank you for the sharing of this to listeners of FR.

  4. Wow this was a very powerful movie. I knew there was a reason why I liked Stephen Baldwin. But the main point is very true nothing I did or didn’t do it’s everything that Jesus did. Thank you Steve and Kathy attle for sharing this with me. God bless everybody who watches this and I intend on sharing it with as many as I can.

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