Eight Counsels for Those Thinking of Quitting

Jan 19, 2023

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Ask Pastor John gets emails every day from listeners who are on the brink of quitting — quitting jobs, quitting ministry, quitting the pastorate.

An anonymous pastor writes: “Pastor John, hello. I’m an elder in a church in Northern Minnesota and struggling with negative and passive-aggressive congregation members. In your pastorate, how did you continue to find joy in serving people that routinely tell you all the bad things you’re doing, but rarely ever tell you the good that you’re doing?”

2 responses to “Eight Counsels for Those Thinking of Quitting

  1. We must not suffer in silence we must share some of our heart with our leaders in the church, ask for prayer and also share our frustration and discouragement.
    Too often we hold Pastor’s and leaders to a level of perfection forgetting we all have feet of clay, we need love and prayers and constructive criticism like anyone else in the body of Christ if not more so. We can relate to Moses I’m sure.

  2. I can relate. I had to step down from a planning committee for a special needs parent support group because of all the mean-spirited gossip and back-stabbing that goes on at the conclusion of meetings after certain people leave. The negativity was literally impacting my health physically and mentally. I still volunteer as needed since they do plan fun social activities for the children but no longer serve on the committee or attend the parent meetings. They are not very supportive of parents whose children have more profound needs but then again, these are nonbelievers who run this group so it’s a shame they don’t see the harm they are doing. I am currently looking for another parent support group where all are welcome and supported. Can’t drink from an empty cup, parenting children with profound needs means finding support and keeping those cups full.

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