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All aboard the Good News Express™, an exciting Christian podcast for children. Fun, adventure, memory verses, and faith-filled stories pack each engaging episode. Chug along with Mr. Conductor and friends today!

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    1. Hey Cyd,

      You should try putting Good News Express on in the car with the great grand kids. My kids will listen to multiple episodes in a row. And actually we’ve heard of lots of 3-5 year-olds that love it. I’d even say give it a try outside of the car. Have them play with toys and put it on. But the car is a great place because they have to sit still 🙂

      1. Dear Kris, I was wondering why family radio stopped putting the Good News Express on the Radio?

        1. Hi Mercy! We stopped producing new episodes because our audience has a very small percentage of children that listen. So, unfortunately, we couldn’t justify the cost to produce it for the radio. But we are so glad you like it. And the episodes we did produce continue to be enjoyed by children as a podcast!

  2. Absolutely, Kris! It is a wonderful way to capitalize on a car ride. They will listen to a traffic report on the radio, so why not the word of God! It’s a great way to keep them engaged and listening !

    1. That’s wonderful, Eddy! Please share the podcast with more people so they can enjoy the stories too!

    1. Hi Chory! We do have an option to download episodes. If you’ll click on that last icon where the play button is, the one with the arrow going to the right, the drop down has an option to download each episode. Hope this helps enjoy Good News Express! Thanks so much for listening and your continued support!

    1. Hi Laura! The Good News Express is great for any age group. We have parents of toddlers that tell us their children listen to it over and over. We even hear back from adults that they enjoy it themselves.

  3. My daughter and I really enjoy these! She’s older now and still listens! Any new episodes coming?
    I actually love programs that don’t have video. Kids gets way too much screen time as it is, they’re addicted, and are losing the creative joy of imagination. The music, sounds, stories, different voices, are captivating all on their own. There’s something about just listening that activates your brain, gets you thinking, and understand what you’re learning in a deeper way. Thanks!

    1. So glad you and your daughter love them! We had so much fun making them. Unfortunately there are no plans to make more right now.

  4. Where can I find the story of the rambunctious little boy at the playground named Cristian?
    My sister sure could use the message but I am having difficulty finding it? I just heard it at approx 9:05 am eastern time today, Saturday April 22nd.
    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Randy, I’m not sure what that story is. I thought it might be one of our Encourage Mint stories but I couldn’t find it. I have some staff looking in to it to see if they can find it.

  5. My 3 and 4 year olds LOVE listening to these. We listen on the app. Thank you so much for such great content! Would love to be able to have these on a CD for in the car too. Please let me know if you produce any additional episodes.

  6. My daughter, who is 5 years old, loves listening to the Good News Express. She requests me to play it on our drive to the Daycare and on the way home when I pick her and her brother up. I even looked up photos of the plane to give her an idea of the time of the plane. I was hoping for newer episodes because we have listened to every episode but there are a few she does not remember now that we are listening over again.

  7. So very Grateful for these stories. Listening with my 5 year old Grandson💙. Love hearing the scriptures Good Godly reminder for Grandma tooo…Thank You.

  8. My children have been listening to the Good News Express ever since they were 1 and 2 in the car. Now they are 4 and 7yrs old and they are still listening. They are actually for new stories. Is there any future project for continuing this program? It has been well received by many! I like the audio aspect because it helps children with auditory skills.
    I would love to help in any way I could to get this going again!

  9. I am 8 and love the good news express!!!!!!! Me and my Dad listen to it every Saturday morning for breakfast.

  10. I am Jerry, a Christian writer from Wisconsin. Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, especially for children with fun stories. Would you consider publishing my newest story: “His Visit,” about a little girl at Sunday School asking for Jesus’ address because she wanted to visit Him.
    Gerald R. Ivan

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