Happy Giving Tuesday!

Nov 27, 2023


What’s Giving Tuesday? 

Well, if you didn’t know, Giving Tuesday is your opportunity to make an impact with non-profit organizations all over the world! The sometimes-overwhelming excitement of Black Friday sales that often last all weekend are finally over. Every year, the following Tuesday—Giving Tuesday—is the day people rally together to give back. 

Family Radio is one of many non-profit ministries, and we are also listener supported. That means that God uses your gifts to bring the life-changing Word of God to people everywhere! 

Vicki in Buffalo, New York sent us this note a few weeks ago: 

“It was Family Radio and Dr Cook that got me through early years working, driving from NYC to work in NJ – it was a lifeline. God used His word on WFME to feed my soul.” 

We need you. Listeners like you partner with us because they believe in bringing the hope of Jesus Christ to the world. Your support today will help determine how many people like Vicki we can reach with the Gospel—God’s power for salvation—in 2024.  

This Giving Tuesday, we’re looking for 300 listeners to give a single gift of $300 or more.  

God used Gideon’s army of only 300 men to save His people from the Midianites (Judges 6-8), so WE KNOW that God can use 300 listeners just like you. Your giving will help us finish 2023 strong and bring the Gospel message to more people and more places in 2024! 

Your gift can make a difference in the lives of people across the nation, just like Vicki. Please prayerfully consider giving today. Thank you! 

2024 is going to be an incredible year for sharing Jesus!
Your gift today will propel the ministry of the Gospel into 2024 with momentum and strength.
Thank you!  

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