Get to Know Randy Zachary

Apr 08, 2022

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Randy Zachary in the Family Radio Studio with his wife Monica

If you listen in the afternoons than you already know Randy’s love for the Lord and our listeners. But did you know he’s been in radio almost half a century! Here’s Randy with more:

Randy Zachary and His Family

“When you wonder what God’s plan is for your life, consider the things that make you feel alive.

Having grown up in LA, I got the radio bug early on. I started at KYMS, the first Christian music station in Orange County. It was the beginning of a journey now spanning 45 years! I’ve been blessed to work in radio, doing the “thing” that makes me feel alive and doing it for God’s good pleasure. I am honored to be continuing my journey at Family Radio.

After stops in Hawaii, Chicago, and Portland, we are back in Chico, CA, returning to the home where we raised our kids, with our grandkids only five minutes away. Monica, my wife of over 40 years, and I oversee a marriage ministry, traveling and speaking. We love attending church with our grandkids and playing with our lab, Maddy, in the creek.

My favorite Bible verse speaks of our daily challenge: ‘He must increase, but I must decrease’ (John 3:30).”

5 responses to “Get to Know Randy Zachary

  1. I have the privilege of working with Randy every day at Family Radio—–he hosts the afternoons and I host the mornings—-and it’s a blessing to share the same studio with him. But much more than that, Randy has become a dear, close friend. He’s a “kindred spirit” to me. His faith and wisdom inspire me…..and I can’t imagine going through this life without his friendship. I love you, brother.

  2. I enjoy listening to Randy. Love his “Hi, I’m Randy”. Most of the time I’m in my car running errands. Light, kind and pleasant voice.

  3. Being of one mind & the same spirit in Christ with Randy, & all the co-hosts of Family Radio, is deeply sensed through listening to it for ~5 years. There is a heart-felt bond of unity & family love. Though I’ve never met any of you, this is the amazing work of God, wrought of Holy Spirit, through our Father”s deep love, power, & grace toward His children. How wonderful! He is wonderful! He is worthy! Remain faithful! All glory to Him!
    1 John, 1.

  4. Randy, what a great surprise for me to hear you on Family Radio many years after you were my youth pastor at Trinity Church in Sacramento, CA. You worked at KYLO also. Hello from the Oakleaf family!

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