40 Days of Joy…Jesus, Others & You!

Jan 02, 2023

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Start your new year with Family Radio and 40 days of Joy—Jesus, Others and You—helping you to make every day matter. Beginning on January 2, Family Radio will spend 40 days sharing how to make the most of every day.

Our on-air staff and teaching partners will share scripture, stories, hymns, and prayer to help you find joy in 2023.

Listen throughout every day and be encouraged! Download the free Family Radio app, stream online, find your local station, or tune in on your smart speaker.

Sign up below to receive the Verse of the Day each morning and Start your day on the good foundation—God’s Word!

14 responses to “40 Days of Joy…Jesus, Others & You!

  1. You need Jesus in your life. Without him there’s no hope what so ever. Jesus is our only hope for true happiness and a future

  2. The beautiful Word of God! It’s breathtaking to know one day I will meet those in the Bible I have read about throughout my life. Joyful reading

  3. Thank be to Our God and Saviour for his great blessings upon me. A special prayer to solver economical problemas

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