Selah’s Blessed Assurance

Mar 17, 2023

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As a special gift for our listeners, Selah is blessing our Family Radio audience with their recorded version of Blessed Assurance!  This week on Family Radio in the afternoons hear special stories, devotions, and prayers from Todd Smith and Alan Hall of Selah.

Just complete the form below and on the confirmation page click “download” and enjoy this new take on a classic hymn, Blessed Assurance, an exclusive gift for you from Selah and Family Radio.

12 responses to “Selah’s Blessed Assurance

  1. have enjoyed Selah for years. About 16 years ago I was turing the radio dial & stopped because I heard Blessed Assurance. I was 55 years old. I had been raised in a Lutheran Church, but by 19 no longer identified as Christian. But Blessed Assurance was an old familiar hymn & it truly spoke to me at that moment. When it ended I was ready to turn the dial, but Brother Harold Camping came on & I stayed listening. I was struck with the belief that the Bible in its original languages is 100% true. I had received the new birth; from that moment Jesus the Christ was my Lord & Savior. I had what this hymn declares- Blessed Assurance. Praise God!

  2. Thank you for all that you do that helps our daily walk as children of God . To God be the glory!!!

  3. Thank you for this free gift. Your music blesses my spirit to worship my Lord.May our Lord continue to bless and use your music to draw us to Him. To God be the Glory.

  4. I don’t know when I started but it started with their song God blessed the broken road . It has remain my ring tone . I love everyone of their song spirited filled .!!!Thank you for sharing and caring in the Lord!!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful day with Selah and their beautiful music! What a blessing! I especially loved the song Stand by Me and the kind way they included Cynthia Clawson. God bless you all! Thank you Family Radio for this beautiful day!

  6. Thank you so much for afternoons with Selah. I have listened to this group for years. They continue to be a blessing.♥️

  7. May God be lifted UP by the mere mention of His Holy Name! The hymns are very close to the mention of His Word! So keep singing The Truth to encourage His people! I would like to purchase your most recent CD but am unsure where it may be purchased from..can you help me with that?!

  8. Thanks!!! 👍 I sing along with you, with joy. For some of your songs, that i wasn’t familiar with, I kept on pressing my phone’s button to see who were singing those lovely songs. I also thank Family Radio for making the connection. I believe that I’ve heard your music, but wasn’t aware that it was you. Thanks again 🥰💞

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