July Giveaway

Jun 30, 2023

This month, while supplies last, Walk With The King has partnered with Family Radio to bless our listeners with a special booklet of five transcribed broadcasts from Dr. Robert Cook called “Essential Cookims”.

His daughter shares:

“The core of what we do here at Walk With The King rests on the simple idea of putting a handle on God’s Word so people can get a hold of it for themselves.

My father, Dr. Bob Cook, carried out this mission using the unique gifts that God gave him. Among these gifts were his friendly voice, relatable analogies, humorous stories, and ways of simplifying and speaking about Gospel principles so that anybody could understand.

The goal of every broadcast was to bring someone, some-where, closer to God. And he used all methods within his skillset to accomplish this goal.

Among these methods were quick soundbites of simple Truth – profound ideas, reduced into memorable, quaint packages — what he would jokingly refer to as “Cook-isms”.

This booklet is comprised of five Walk With The King broadcast transcripts, each one containing a classic “Cook-ism” soundbite that has helped countless Radio Friends draw closer to God over the years.

So whether you read, listen, or read while listening to these broadcasts, it is my prayer that your heart and mind are renewed and refreshed in the wellspring of the Gospel.

Lois Cook Gillern”

5 responses to “July Giveaway

  1. Thank you for this wonderful gift. I’m 83yo and have been listening to Dr Cook for many years. Still do! Is it possible to get three more copies for my three grandsons?
    Dr Cook’s way of teaching would be very beneficial to them. Thank you. I know God will continue to bless you and your ministry 🙏🏽

  2. I met Dr. Cook when I was growing up in the San Jose area and God asked him to say “How The Worlld Are You” because people said something else at that time and way too much in my hearing when I was a young girl.
    And so there you have it.

    Trudy (Bell)

  3. Thank you Lois for sharing your Dad’s book of “Cook-ism”. In actuality I usually wake up around 6:00 in the morning here in New York and there you go by 6:45 I am listening to Dr. Cook. He is truly a blessings in the way he teaches God’s Word. He is also funny when he shares the jokes of anything. Looking forward to meet him in Heaven. To God Be The Glory. Evangeline

  4. Thank you for providing this book. I am looking forward to it very much! Dr. Cook has SO blessed me and my walk with the Lord over the years 😊 After seeing our Savior and my family and friends at the big reunion at the end of time, greeting and meeting Bob Cook is one of the precious saints I will greet with joy!

  5. Thank you for this book, and continuing to make your father’s ministry available. The Holy Spirit worked through him to aid me, and I’m sure many others, in walking with our Lord and Savior daily. I still look forward to 6:45 am weekdays to hear your dad’s voice and listen to his words of wisdom conveyed in a loving, humble, humorous manner. I now listen with my retired husband and pray the words flourish in him to help him grow in his spiritual life. I thank your father for helping me to develop a daily prayer list of petitions, a thank you list of answered prayers, and praying God’s promises each and everyday in a request for spiritual growth and development. Even today, I woke up too late to listen to your father and was disappointed, but turned on Family Radio anyway and heard that you were offering this wonderful book. (He’s still speaking to me through your father) Your mother, Corrine, yourself and your siblings were all on my daily list for God to help you through each day after I learned of your father’s death. Thank you making all your father’s recordings and transcripts available today for new generations to be blessed with. It is still the day of salvation. His teachings have been and continue to be instrumental in my walk with the King. May God bless you and all your family in continuing your father’s legacy.

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