Good News Express




What is the Good News Express™?

All aboard! Welcome to the Good News Express™, an exciting, weekly one-hour program for children. Fun, adventure, and faith-filled moments of growth pack each engaging episode. Chug along every Saturday with Mr. Conductor to meet fascinating friends at five fabulous stops on Family Radio Kids.


Meet Our Friends


Mr. Conductor
The guide, friend, and mentor on the Good News Express™. He starts each adventure at Memory Lane where the children learn a Bible verse.

Koala Kindness
The most loveable koala who gives big hugs, loves to bake, and shares acts of kindness each week.

Oliver Owl
The wise old owl lives in a big old oak tree. He is an avid reader who loves to tell the children stories. He has an uncanny knack for finding stories that complement the children’s memory verse for the day.

Eddie the Explorer
Loves to travel and eat exotic food. He takes the children on his plane to exotic places and archeological sites from the Bible.

Sally Sea Lion
She lives at the Salty Seashore and is just full of spunk. She loves playing games with children and learning about the adventures they had each day.