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All of us at Family Radio, a not-for-profit charitable organization 501(c)(3), thank you for your gifts of support. We know giving requires commitment and sacrifice, so we are very thankful and encouraged by your gifts. Through your financial gifts we see God’s sustaining Hand upon Family Radio and the work of proclaiming the Gospel. We are a partnership in the work of declaring God’s Word, and it is so uplifting to know God has His people throughout the world who share the conviction that mankind’s greatest need is to hear the Word of God.
If you would like to make a donation by phone, need to change, or have questions regarding your recurring donation, please call Family Radio at 1(800) 543-1495 ext. 213.
It is our hope God will use Family Radio to daily comfort and encourage you as you serve Our Faithful Lord and Savior.
Thank you.

Different Ways of supporting Family Radio:
1. The mail
For many mail remains the preferred way of giving. Checks, money orders and even cash are gratefully received.
***Please consider the risks whenever sending cash through the mail.

If you prefer sending your gifts by mail, you may send them to the following address:


Family Radio, Oakland CA. 94621


2. On-line Click Here to make a donation Our new donation page is very secure.

You can have confidence all your information will be protected and encrypted, using the most up to date security technology.

All personal information will be held in strictest confidence by Family Radio and our merchant partners.


3. Automatic Clearing House (ACH)
If you would prefer to make a recurring donation using your checking or savings account, Family Radio accepts donations by way of ACH. You can download the required form HERE.
4. Legacy Gifts

Although Mr. Camping is now home with the Lord, God’s mercy is everlasting and Family Radio will continue to proclaim His truth, enduring to all generations.
Just as our founder encouraged us to serve the Lord to His honor and glory, Family Radio’s ministry today is firmly committed to entering a new era in service and leadership.
However, this requires careful stewardship in planning for the future of the ministry and also a vital partnership with you, our faithful listeners.
Did you know that nearly 50% of Americans do not have a current will? There are many reasons why people put-off this important stewardship responsibility… distaste for legal documents, lack of vision, fear of making a wrong decision, or just plain busyness.
Whatever the cause, without a will or trust set up in advance, what you worked hard to provide will be determined by a court instead of by you. But with proper planning, your stewardship of the things God has entrusted to you can extend beyond your lifetime to make an eternal difference.
What a joy it will be knowing that you have prepared well to leave a legacy for your family and make an eternal impact for Christ!
There are many ways that you can hand down the true Gospel to those who come after you:

  • Wills & Bequests
  • Various Gift Options (including stock transfers)
  • Gift Annuities
  • Trusts

Your bank is perhaps the best resource to help you with your questions about leaving a financial legacy, but Family Radio can also provide a trusted resource that will help as you make these important decisions about your future.
Family Radio has partnered with long-time Merrill Lynch Legacy Professional, John Kettmann, to help you answer questions surrounding Legacy options. If you would like to schedule a time to speak with John, or one of his associates, please call Family Radio at 1-800-543-1495 and ask for extension 207. Or, you can email John directly at:
If you would like to make a donation by phone, or have questions regarding your recurring donation, please call Family Radio at 1(800) 543-1495 ext. 213.