Wait on the Lord with PERSEVERANCE

May 27, 2016
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Never give up, while you– need a blessing, fear a foe, or groan under a burden. Wait on the Lord, until you obtain all you need, and enjoy all you desire. You cannot wait on him in vain, therefore you can not do better. Satan will suggest– “Why should you wait for the Lord any longer?” Tell him, that your God is a Sovereign, and will work in his own time and way; tell him you are a poor, dependent creature, and must not dictate to the Most High; tell him that he has appeared for thousands before you, and that he will appear for you. Let Satan suggest what he may, let doubts rise ever so thick, let fears come ever so strong, still wait on the Lord.
It is your plain duty, it is your only hope, it is your sure resource. Plead with God, and take no denial, rest on the promise of God, and never give it up. Wait at the throne of God, and let nothing drive you thence. If the Lord seems to be turned against you, and if everything seems to conspire to discourage you, still persevere. Remember the woman of Canaan, how she was discouraged; but she persevered and succeeded. Remember Jacob, how he was discouraged, and yet succeeded. Remember Moses, to whom God said, “Let me alone,” but he persevered and succeeded. Remember Hezekiah, what a death-blow he got, but he persevered and succeeded. The Lord will turn again; he will have compassion upon you; for he will cast all your sins into the depths of the sea. Trust, then, in the Lord forever, for in the Lord Jehovah there is everlasting strength; and that strength shall be put forth, and be made perfect in your weakness.

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