Meditate on God’s Greatness

Jun 28, 2016
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(Psalm 77:1-20)

Any observer of society will admit that we live in a day in which men and women live to exalt themselves. Man is self-centered and self-obsessed. As such, he’s living in rebellion against the one true God who created man and everything around him.
But as believers, we must give the Lord his proper place in our lives. One way in which we can give Him his proper place is to meditate on His greatness. Psalm 77 is a wonderful text to consider in this regard. From these twenty verses notice several characteristics of our great and mighty God.
First, God hears the prayers of His saints. When we’re in distress the Lord is always available to listen to us.
Secondly, God is a merciful God. He bestows pity and favor upon repentant sinners.
Third, the Lord is gracious. He deals with mankind on the basis of His grace, giving us abundant blessings and privileges we certainly don’t deserve.
Fourth, God is exalted above all His creations. He alone is the most high. The psalmist asks “Who is so great a God as our God?”
Finally, our Lord is always willing to lead anyone who is wanting to be led by Him. The word of God is a light and a lamp to all who consciously heed and obey. When we meditate on the greatness of our almighty God, it’s impossible for us to esteem ourselves more highly than we ought.
What a great God and savior we worship and serve. May we humble ourselves before Him and declare with the psalmist “I will meditate also of all they work and talk of Thy doings.

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