Submission Terms and Conditions for Family Stations, Inc.

You agree that this submission (which includes any associated content sent with, attached to or otherwise referenced in your submission) to Family is of your own volition and without restriction, that Family has no obligation to review this or any other submissions and that Family may refuse this submission for any reason.


You affirm and certify that you created and own the submission and that no one else has any ownership rights. But, if they do, you affirm and certify that you received their permission make this submission to Family and allow the content in this submission to be used as described below. You understand that you will be responsible for any damages caused by this submission (for things like defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright and trademark infringement, etc.) and that you will not only pay those damages but also indemnify (pay the expenses of) Family and past and present officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives for any liability incurred.


You grant Family and anyone it wants to authorize to use this submission in any way, a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, and free license to use this submission and further give them the right to assign or relicense (as many times as necessary) by publishing it, copying it, performing it (in person, over the air and on the Internet, which includes Family-branded accounts or channels on third party platforms including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, etc.), modify, distribute and promote the submission via any media now known or later created. The materials can be used for any purpose, even commercial purposes such as a fundraising appeal letter. Even if you delete your submission, we can keep it in our archives for backup purposes and continue using it in ways that it has already been used.


Finally, by submitting, you agree that Family can use your name (including your full name), voice, likeness and other identifying information included in your submission, in any form, media, software, or technology of any kind now known later created, including for Family’s own promotional and commercial purposes.