Submission Terms and Conditions for Family Stations, Inc.

Family Stations, Inc. (“Family”) is a Christian nonprofit radio ministry whose mission is to share the Word of God and a message of hope in Jesus Christ with people throughout the United States and around the world (“Mission”). By making this submission (which includes any associated content sent with or otherwise referenced in your submission) to Family:

  • You affirm your desire to help Family spread the Good News by allowing it to use your submission. 
  • You further affirm that you make this submission willingly and without restriction. 
  • You understand that Family has no obligation to review this or any other submissions and that Family may refuse this submission for any reason.

When you click submit, you grant Family and any person acting with Family’s consent or on Family’s behalf a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, and assignable license to use this submission.  This includes your name, voice, likeness, and any other identifying information included in the submission, for any purpose and in any manner that Family determines, in its sole discretion, will help Family further its Mission, including for fundraising and promotional purposes.  You agree that such uses may include, without limitation:

  • Editing, copying, publicly displaying, distributing copies to the public.
  • Performing publicly, and creating derivative works using the submission and that those uses may be made in any format, including photos, print, or audio and audiovisual recordings, and made available through any medium, including television, radio, or satellite transmissions, social media platforms, podcasts, or any other physical or electronic media now known or later created. 
  • Even if you delete your submission, you acknowledge that Family may retain it in its archives for backup purposes and continue using it in ways consistent with how the submission already has been used.