Guidelines for Distribution

Thank you for joining with us in spreading God’s Word. Please consider the following suggestion as you prayerfully allow the Lord to guide you in using Family Radio materials to spread His message of salvation.




  • As a personal witnessing tool
  • As a way to start or continue a conversation
  • Often! Preceded and followed by prayer

Distribute in a way that is:

  • Inviting
  • Loving
  • Respectful of people and property
  • God-glorifying
  • Prayerful
    • Write Family Radio’s frequency on the material

      Do Not

      Add any address, phone number, website, or other information concerning any other organizations

      Leave where they will:

      • Become litter (e.g. on car windshields)
      • Become clutter (e.g. piled on tables, counters, etc.)
      • Be considered junk mail (the U.S. Postal Service states that placing anything in private or commercial mailboxes is illegal)

      Hand out without:

      • Permission from the person-in-charge, owner, or management of the establishment where you wish to distribute the materials
      • Consideration for both the location and recipients where you are distributing the materials


      Ideas for Distribution

      1. Include in correspondence:

      • Greeting cards
      • Letters

      2. Give to teachers and school secretaries with notes

      3. Give to newcomers at places of worship, fellowship, and/or Bible study (with the person in charge’s permission)

      4. Include with tips (e.g. servers, cab drivers, etc.)

      5. Hand one to visitors at your home

      6. Hand one to anyone with whom you have had personal, positive contact:

      • On public transportation
      • In a park
      • In a restaurant
      • In a store

      7. Give to someone in a waiting room, especially in a stressful situation:

      • Doctor’s office
      • Dentist’s office
      • Hospital
      • Courtroom
      • Work
      • School

      8. If you work in a store and have the owner’s permission, place in bag with customer’s purchase (and, if possible, with a word of introduction or explanation)

      In general, pass out Family Radio materials prayerfully and often.