When I Am Weak, Then Am I Strong

Aug 30, 2016
Charles Spurgeon

David complained in II Samuel 3:39, “I am weak, though anointed king.”
David’s God was as strong as ever, but he was weak in the flesh. And that is the only weakness a believer can know.
We, the body of believers, are never weak in God. We are always weak in ourselves.
In the midst of trial or difficulty, you sit down and say, “I cannot do this.”
Well, whoever thought that YOU could? You ought to have known that without Him, we can do nothing!
“Oh, but I am so weak.”
Of course you are, and the weaker the better. But the Lord is not weak.
Actually, the more we realize our inability and weakness, the more we will look to Him, lean upon Him, and walk by faith instead of by sight.
Then our weakness becomes strength, for “when I am weak, then am I strong.”

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