What To Do If You’re Disappointed

Sep 18, 2017
Jason Yong

Do you feel pressure to show the “I have it all together” look, but deep down you are disappointed about something and unsure what to do?
Do you feel disappointment paralyzing you from moving forward?
I have walked down the road of disappointment a number of times. Some of those moments were self-inflicted, and other moments were a result of people disappointing me.
What can you do today if you feel disappointed? Here are three simple reminders that have been helpful for me:
1. Life has its ups and downs
“Life is a daily journey that consists of mountaintops and valleys. Both are inevitable. When you’re in the valley, there will come a mountaintop. When you’re on the mountaintop, there will come a valley.”
2. It’s okay to struggle
“Sometimes the best step you can take is to admit that you are not okay, and the struggle around you feels overwhelming.”
3. God is bigger than your now
“The size of your struggle doesn’t determine the size of God. He is bigger than your feelings, and the struggle that weighs you down today.”
One truth I have learned is that God can still amaze me even when I feel disappointed. He can do the same for you. Don’t forget that God invites you and me to throw on Him the burdens that weighs us down, including disappointment. He wants to carry them. His shoulders sure are stronger than yours and mine.

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