The Portion Of The Righteous

Jul 29, 2017
Jonathan Edwards

“I am thy exceeding great reward.” Genesis 15:1

Christians have a fountain of infinite good for their comfort, contentment, and joy; for God has given Himself to them to be their Portion, and He is a God of infinite glory. There is glory in Him to engage their contemplation forever and ever, with ever being satiated. He is also an infinite fountain of love; for God is love, yea, an ocean of love without shore or bottom! The glorious Son of God is theirs; that lovely One who was from all eternity God’s delight, rejoicing always before Him. All His beauty is their portion. His very heart is theirs, and His glory and happiness in heaven are theirs, so far as their capacity will allow them to partake of it; for He has promised it to them, and has taken possession of it in their name.

They have inward riches, which they carry about with them in their own hearts, which is a most excellent treasure, and a good foundation of joy; for it is the seed of joy. Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. And the seed that is sown in their hearts is the grace of God. That grace is a seed that, however it lies hidden, will certainly in due time spring up, put forth itself, will bud and blossom, and will bring forth rich fruit. These riches are the true riches. This is the good, which God reserves for the body of believers.

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