The Gate of Heaven

Feb 07, 2017

One example of the Lord’ s provision for the wearied saint is found in Genesis 28. Jacob found his God to be faithful. After the birthright was conferred upon him to the dismay of his elder brother Esau, Jacob fled. Probably the first time away from home, lonely, fearful, and no doubt physically exhausted after the first long day of his journey, he came to a barren place to rest where a stone for a pillow was his only comfort. Imagine the scene. With bleak, inhospitable surroundings, homesick for the comforts and affections of home, Jacob was fearful of Esau’s wrath, and uncertain about the future. If there was ever a situation conducive to despondency and utter depression, this was it.
However, this seemingly God- forsaken place was in reality the very “…house of God…the gate of heaven” (vv. 10-17). God was in this place (v. 16)! Think of Jacob’s joy that night as he communed with the Lord God of Heaven and was reminded of the promises of future blessing. God was with Jacob in his time of trial, even if he failed to realize it (v.16b). “I will not leave thee, until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of” (v.15b). God has given the believer today great and precious promises as well. He will be with us each step of the way, even if our path leads through a valley of despair, and He will present us to Himself faultless and complete at His appearing (Jude 24; 2 Timothy 1:12). The Lord Jesus Christ is in this place, no matter how barren and hopeless it may appear at the moment.

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