Righting the Wrongs

Oct 11, 2016
Dr. Paul Chappell

So many times angry words are said, anger is invoked, or feelings are hurt that linger on for days, weeks, or even months. When you react harshly or out of anger, God desires that you would quickly repent of your actions and restore your relationship with the other person.
How often do you go to bed at night with unresolved conflicts? God desires that before a day goes by, you would make right the wrongs that were committed. Sometimes that requires being the more mature person and putting aside pride to make things right. Sometimes it’ll take a humbling of self, a forcing aside pain, or a relying on God’s strength to meet, call, write, or somehow contact someone with whom you have a conflict.
Can you honestly say you have no unresolved conflict in your life right now? If not, who do you need to contact to make right a relationship? What relationship do you need to restore right now?

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