Oct 11, 2016

Jesus Christ is eternal God, equal with the Father, and the Scriptures furnish abundant proof. He is also the author of the great work of redemption.
Hebrews 10:14 states, “by one offering he hath perfected forever them that are sanctified.” And we read in Acts 20:28, “The church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.”
The work of redeeming a guilty world from the wrath and curse of an offended God could never be accomplished by any finite being. All creatures are dependent on the will of God for their being, and all that any of them can render to him is his own; and He requires all the services of His creatures as duties, which they owe to Him as creator, so that none could give a ransom to God for another, nor would the highest offering of the highest angel be of any more value as an atonement than the blood of bulls and of goats, which God has declared could not possibly take away sin.
God is not profited by any of His creatures, and a jot or tittle of His law is of more value than heaven and earth. (Matthew 5:18) But it is declared that Christ, by one offering, has forever redeemed and sanctified His people, and rendered that satisfaction to justice, which could not have been given by the eternal suffering of the whole human race. That His life was a sufficient ransom for the countless of His redeemed, is full proof that He was a divine person.

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