Private Prayer

Dec 28, 2016
Arthur W. Pink

How remiss we have been, how sadly we have failed to discharge this duty, and what irreparable losers are we by this sinful neglect.
Is it not high time that some of us heeded that word from Haggai 1:5 and 7, “Consider your ways”?
Shall this year witness a repetition of the sad failures of the past? Can we go on robbing God of His due, and our souls of the blessedness of communion with Him?
The secret place of the Most High is one of peace, and joy.
The closet is where strength is renewed, faith is quickened–and the believer is revived.
It is not always the cares or pleasures of this world, which are the hindering cause. Some allow the discharge of public duties to prevent the performance of private ones.
Beware, of being so busy in running from one place to another that personal dealings with God in secret are crowded out.
Some are so busily engaged in reading, and preparing sermons, that private communion with God is prevented.

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