The Peace Which Christ Gives

Sep 02, 2016
Jonathon Edwards, from “The True Believer”

We read in John 14:27, “”Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you.”
This legacy of Christ to His true disciples is very diverse from all that the men of this world ever leave to their children when they die.
The men of this world have great estates to bequeath, an abundance of the good things of this world, and they leave them to make a great show among men. But none of these things are to be compared to that blessed peace which Christ has bequeathed to His true followers.
The peace, which Christ gives vastly differs in the following respects:
Christ’s peace is a reasonable peace and rest of soul; it is what has its foundation in light and knowledge, in the proper exercise of reason, and a right view of things; whereas the peace of the world is founded in blindness and delusion.
Christ’s peace is a virtuous and holy peace. The peace that the saints enjoy in Christ is not only their comfort, but is part of their beauty and dignity. They are virtues and graces of God’s Spirit, wherein the image of God in them partly consists.
Christ’s peace greatly differs from that which is enjoyed by the men of the world, with regard to its exquisite sweetness. It is sweet because it arises from holy and divine principles, the fountain of all good.
Christ’s peace is unfailing and eternal. It is everlasting; it is what no time, or change, can destroy. The fountain of His comfort shall never be diminished. His comfort and joy is a living spring in the soul.

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