Oh, live for eternity!

Aug 12, 2017
Mary Winslow

What poor creatures we are–if left to ourselves!
What a mercy there is One that loves us better than we love ourselves, and will watch over us all our journey here, and who has engaged, by all the varying dispensations of His providence, to prepare us for that blessed home He has gone to prepare for us.
And oh, what a place will that be!
Love Him supremely!
Live for eternity!
Live for Jesus!
Have much to do with Him!
This world is not worth living for!
Its honors, its riches, its glories are things ever passing away; but the love of Jesus is as eternal as Himself.
Oh, live for eternity! The glory of this world is fading, and is soon gone, and gone forever!
Again I say, live for a glorious eternity!
If you could have the glory, the wealth, and the honors of this world laid at your feet–how short would be the empty enjoyment of them.
Then, live and act with reference to eternity!
And oh, the glory that awaits the true follower of Christ, who has cast overboard all that the world calls good and grand, and taking the Bible as his directory, walks as Jesus did.

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