Of God’s Word

Dec 26, 2016
Martin Luther

Isaiah 40:8, “The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand forever.”
That the Bible is God’s Word and book I prove thus: All things that have been, and are in the world, and the manner of their being, are described in the first book of Moses on the creation.
Even as God made and shaped the world, so does it stand to this day. Infinite rulers have raged against this book, and sought to destroy and uproot it – king Alexander the Great, the princes of Egypt and of Babylon, the monarchs of Persia, of Greece, and of Rome, the emperors Julius and Augustus – but none of them prevailed.
They are all gone and vanished, while the book, God’s Word, remains, and will remain for ever and ever, perfect and entire, as it was declared at first.
Who has thus helped it? Who has thus protected it against such mighty forces? No one but God himself, who is the master of all things.
And it is no small miracle how God has so long preserved and protected this book, for the devil and the world are sore foes to it.

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