Lord! smite my rocky heart!

May 06, 2017
Thomas Reade, "Christian Meditations"

Adorable Jesus! I acknowledge my vileness, my worthlessness, my ingratitude. With shame and
confusion of face I look up unto you, O bleeding Lamb, for having slighted your goodness, and
your loving kindness towards me.
Take away this earthliness from my mind; this coldness from my heart; this insensibility to the
things of God. Preserve me from a secret alienation of heart; from a growing lukewarmness.
You are the Rock of Ages, the everlasting Strength. Endue me with power from on high to overcome all my indwelling corruptions, which, like a thick cloud, intervene between my soul and you, the Sun of Righteousness; and thus prevent the rays of your consolation from gladdening my heart, and making me to abound in the fruits of righteousness.
To whom can I look, to whom can I go, but unto You, O Friend of sinners. Lord, at your sweet call, I come for pardon, peace, and holiness. Lord! I am sorely grieved, that I love you so little;
that my affections move so slowly towards you.
Stir up my languid desires. Inflame my cold affections. Set my whole soul on fire with holy love. How painful, that I should be so little affected by the agony and bloody sweat, the cross and passion, of my suffering Redeemer.
Why is not my soul all on fire, when I think of your love? Why is it not melted into tears,
when I think of my dying Savior? Am I harder than the rock in Horeb? Am I colder than the northern ice?
Lord! smite my rocky heart with the rod of your loving kindness; dissolve my frozen affections, by the melting beams of your grace. O! blessed Jesus! I praise you for such infinite love, such abounding grace to the chief of sinners!

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