A little book, which contains only three pages

Apr 14, 2018
William Mason

A little book, which contains only three pages QH180414

(From “The One Thing Needful to Make Poor Sinners Rich—and Miserable Sinners Happy”)

I have read of a godly man who was once very dissolute.
When converted, his former companions sought to bring
him back to his former wicked courses. But he told them,
“I am deeply engaged in meditating on a little book,
which contains only three pages; so at present I
have no time for other business.”

Sometime after, being asked if he had finished his book,
he replied, “No; for though it contains only three pages,
yet there is so much comprised in them, that I have
devoted myself to read therein, all the days of my life.

The first page is red. Here I mediate on the sufferings
of my Lord and Savior, His shedding His precious blood,
as an atonement for my sins, and a ransom for my soul,
without which I must have been a damned sinner in
hell, to all eternity!

The second page is white. This cheers my heart with
the wonderful consideration of the unspeakable joys
of heaven obtained for me by Christ—and of being
forever with Him!

The third page is black. Here I think of the horrible
state of the damned—and the perpetual torments
they are suffering in hell. O this excites thankfulness
to my Savior, for His wonderful love and rich grace,
in snatching me as a brand out of hell-fire, and
saving me from eternal destructions!”

Here is a good man, a good book, and a good
example for you and I. “Let us go and do likewise.”
Constantly meditate upon Christ; upon the wrath He
has saved us from—and the glory He has saved us to!

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