Important Enquiries

Aug 15, 2016
Arthur W. Pink

Consider the Word of God and seek to measure yourself by the degree in which you really honor it.
What place do the contents of the Sacred Volume have in your affections, thoughts, and life? A higher one than formerly, or not?
Is that Divine communication more valued by you today than when you were first converted?
Are you more fully assured of its divine inspiration, so that Satan himself could not make you doubt its authorship?
Are you more solemnly impressed by its authority, so that at times you tremble before it?
Does the truth come with greater weight, so that your heart and conscience is more deeply impressed by it?
Are more of its very words treasured up in your memory and frequently meditated upon?
Are you really feeding on it, appropriating it to yourself and being nourished by it?
Are you learning to make it your shield on which you catch and quench the fiery darts of the wicked?
Are you like the Bereans of old in Acts 17:11, bringing to this infallible Scale, and weighing therein all you read and hear?
And lastly, do you frequently examine yourself by God’s Word and test your experience by its teaching?

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