Nov 02, 2016
R.L. Dabney

We read in Malachi 3:6, “For I am the LORD, I change not”
by GOD’S IMMUTABILITY we mean that He is incapable of change.
As to His attributes, His nature, His purposes, He remains the same from eternity to eternity.
Creation and other acts of God in time, imply no change in Him; for the purpose to do these acts at that given time was always in Him, just as when He effected them.
This attribute follows from His necessary existence; which is such that He cannot be any other than just what He is. It follows from his self-existence and independence; there being none to change Him.
It follows from His simplicity: for how can change take place, when there is no composition to be changed?
It follows from His perfection; for being infinite, He cannot change for the better; and will not change for the worse.
Scarcely any attribute is clearly manifested to the reason than God’s immutability.

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