How The Light Works

Feb 25, 2017
Warren Wiersbe

In Prayer, Praise and Promises
Read Psalm 119:105
What does it mean to have the Word of God as light? Verse 105 gives us four statements that answer that question.
First, the Word is a light that shines from above. It is revelation. We know that God is Light (I John 1:5). He gave us the Word, just as He gave us the sun. The sun is at the center of our solar system; if it ever burned out, we would die. Likewise, God is the center of our universe through His Word. The Word is a necessity, not a luxury. Like a ray of light going into a prism, the Word of God gives us a multicolored exhibition of His grace. It provides whatever kind of light we need. But if you turn your back on the Word, you’ll walk in darkness.
Second, the Word is a light that shines within (II Cor. 4:3-6). Paul uses the Old Testament story of creation to illustrate the new creation (Gen. 1:1-3). God formed that which was formless and filled that which was empty. That’s a picture of salvation. The light shines in our hearts, and then God begins to form and fill our lives. He works on us through His Word and the power of His Spirit (Ps. 119:130). He has given the Holy Spirit and the gift of teaching to help us understand His Word. The devil tries to confuse us. How tragic it is that some people radiate darkness! Everything they touch is made dark. It’s so important to study and read the Word, because the unfolding of the Word brings light and understanding to the simple.
Third, the Word is a light that shines around (v. 105). The life of the believer is dangerous. Satan is a roaring lion and a deceiving serpent. He, the world, the flesh and other pitfalls surround us. We need God’s Word (Ps. 43:3), for it guides us (Prov. 6:23; Eph. 5:8). Don’t walk in this world without a lamp. And remember that human teachers are fallible. Depend ultimately on the Spirit of God (John 16:13; I John 2:20). The Author of the Bible lives inside you!
Finally, the light shines ahead (II Pet. 1:19). We can see what is coming: Jesus will return for His Church. Only in the Bible do we have assurance about the future, so walk in the light of His Word.

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